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Mwanta (Chief) Chibwika is one of the important chiefs of the Lunda Royal Establishment. The Lunda Empire covers a large expanse of land in Central Africa covering parts of Congo, Angola, Namibia and Zambia. The full history of the Lunda Empire as a whole is too extensive to cover in this plan. The history of Chibwika chiefdom starts with Iyala Mwaku Mateti Nkondi. Mateti Nkondi was the founder of the Lunda Royal Establishment at Kapanga in Congo. His headquarter was called Nkalanyi and it is still the headquarters of the Lunda Royal Establishment headed by Mwanta Iyamvwa in Congo.


Mwanta Iyala Mwaku Nkondi had five children: The first born was a girl called Luweji a Nkondi, followed by three brothers called Chinyama, Ndonji, Ching’udi and a sister called Kamong’a. Per Lunda Royal Governance policies, the first-born child was the automatic heir to the throne. Therefore, upon the death of her father, Luweji became the Mwanta of the Lunda Royal Establishment at Kapanga. Her brother Chinyama left and settled at the Luena River and became the founder of the Luvale-speaking people. Ndonji became the founder of the Chokwe-speaking people while Ching’udi and Kamong’a remained at the headquarters at Kapanga.


Mwanta Luweji went on to have three sons and one daughter. The first-born were male twins called Mukanda Nkunda Kakani Nyaweji and Mukanda Kabanda Nkondi Nyaweji, followed by Kazembi and Nyamushidi Makwali. Because the first-born were twins, there was no automatic heir to the throne under Lunda governance policies. However, the names of the twins described how they were to rule following her death.


The senior twin brother was named Mukanda Nkunda Kakani Nyaweji, meaning he was given authority to go and establish his kingdom. When he left Nkalanyi he was given the title of Mwanta Ishidi Mankaki, meaning “he who is given power to establish himself”; it meant that he should not go back to Nkalanyi, nor should he retreat from his mission.


The other twin brother was named Mukanda Kabanda Nkondi Nyaweji, Iyala Wushali ha Nkalanyi. Iyala Wushali ha Kalanyi means “the man who has been appointed to remain at Kalanyi and rule”; he was to take over the reins of power left behind by his mother. However, instead of waiting to take over the throne from his mother, Mukanda Kabanda Nkondi Nyaweji left Nkalanyi to follow his brother. On his way, he took the same route which his twin brother had taken, and even used the same firewood pieces which his twin brother had left behind on his way southward making a curve through present Angola. He was named Mwanta Kanong’esha yishinji meaning the “Finisher of the left fire pieces of firewood.”


Mwanta Chibwika of Zambia is part of the Lunda Royal Establishment of Kanong’esha headed by Senior Chief Kanong’esha. Mwanta Kabanda Nkondi Kanong’esha I established his Kingdom which stretches from Mwinilunga district of Zambia to the Kayanda and Lovwa districts of Angola. Mwanta Kabanda Nkondi Kanong’esha I had two wives named Mwanta Nyakaseya and Mwanta Nkeleng’i. Mwanta Kabanda Nkondi  had three children with Mwanta Nyakaseya, and one of them was Nyamushidi Makwali, a girl named after his sister who was already a Mwanta at Kapanga in Congo.


Nyamushidi Makwali was given a title Mwanta Chibwika. Both Nyamushidi Makwali of Zambia and the one who was in Congo were called Mwanta Chibwika because of the traditional wrapper worn by Lunda women known as ku bwikila. Mwanta Kabanda Nkondi Kanong’esha I established the Chibwika Royal Establishment in order to strengthen the Lunda Royal governance system in Zambia with Kafuleji Kankeli being the first Mwanta Chibwika in Zambia. Just like all Lunda Royalty, the Mwanta Chibwika is also represented at Nkalanyi to this day.



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