mining and ENERGY

There is incredible mineral potential in our chiefdom, including copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, gold, graphite, magnesium and iron, as well as semi-previous stones like amethyst and quartz. These minerals are found in Lwamata (copper, cobalt and gold) about 35km from the palace; Kanzenzi (copper, amethyst, quartz and cobalt); and Chiwoma (copper, quartz and amethyst). However, we do not have the equipment nor skilled man-power to mine these ourselves and there are currently no investors mining in our chiefdom. Lwamata Mine was operational but poor infrastructure and lack of a proper road network led to its closure in 2009 when global copper prices went down. Illegal mining activities are found in the chiefdom especially at Lwamata mine and at Inyoni.


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