Mining and energy


Chibwika chiefdom is home to the Lunda-speaking people of His Royal Highness (HRH) Chief Chibwika in Mwinilunga District, North-Western Province. We are blessed with thick forests, fresh water rivers, perennial streams and natural plains.


The forests are populated by a diversity of wild animals, wild fruit-bearing trees, birds, edible flying ants, rodents and swarms of beautifully-colored singing birds, and are carpeted by the rich savanna grasslands. We the people of Chibwika chiefdom live in a beautiful natural habitat. The chiefdom enjoys favorable weather and is endowed with fertile arable land, a favorable rain pattern, rich mineral deposits (including copper, iron and traces of gold as well as semi-precious stones like quartz and amethyst) and plenty of both surface and underground water. Our thick forests are a good habitat for bees that give us good quality honey which we can sell to other parts of the country and even export to the neighboring countries. Paradoxically though, a large part of our population lives in abject poverty.  The big question is therefore: Why should this be the state of affairs in the midst of such richness?


“We the traditional leaders of Chibwika Chiefdom in Mwinilunga District, in North-Western Province of Zambia envision that; by planning for development of the chiefdom, lobbying and advocating for resources, effective monitoring and evaluation and by collaborating with our stakeholders shall foster sustainable development with our people living a better life.”


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