environment and forestry

The change in lifestyles among our people from hunting/gathering to farming has accelerated the cutting of trees in our chiefdom, because trees are being cleared to make way for fields. This has resulted in significant loss of our forests and this has affected the environment. The practice of using poisonous chemicals and mosquito bed nets for fishing is accerelating the reduction in fish stocks in our rivers and also affecting the biodiversity of the chiefdom. Honey harvesting is also affected because the poisoned water kill bees and other beneficial insects. Even the habitat of the blue duicker has been affected. Our people must act quickly to conserve our God-given heritage and natural resources before we lose everything.


There is good tourism potential in the chiefdom. The rapids along the West Lunga River from Mudanyama through to the Kabompo River are a site to see. These are excellent for rafting and should be promoted as a tourist attraction. Additionally, in November and December our skies are graced with a spectacular view of bats in search of fruits, like Masuku. The sky becomes dark as the bats fly or over in search of food and it gives an appearance of a solar eclipse. When it is off season for fruits, the bats are usually found along the banks of rivers and streams.



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