Chibwika chiefdom has seventeen primary schools. There are no secondary schools in the chiefdom. Recently Katemwa primary school was turned into a secondary school with the addition of Grades 10, 11 and 12. The number of teachers is inadequate resulting in a high pupil: teacher ratio, this makes individualized learning difficult. Katemwa School is a good example of overcrowding, it has pupils from grades 1 to 12 but has only six classrooms. It is not uncommon to find teachers combining two classes in one classroom, leading pupils to either stand or sit on the floor during class. One reason behind the lack of teachers is a deficit in teachers’ houses; if we are to improve the quality of education in the chiefdom, we must build more houses and attract more teachers. The lack of boarding facilities for our students has led to many of them dropping out of school, or to lodge in nearby villages. This puts them at a great risk of engaging in dangerous behaviors that may lead them to get pregnant or acquire HIV infection.


Water and sanitation is a big challenge in most of the schools. There is normally one borehole per school regardless of the school population. Pupils have to walk long distances to school sometimes up to a total of 24 kilometers a day to and from school. An example is one girl who walks from Lwamukunyi village to Katemwa school, 12km each away. The chiefdom has also witnessed cases where teachers have been involved in sexual relationships with pupils, especially girls. This has led to girls getting pregnant. Solving these problems has been a challenge because the parents often settle such cases out of court.



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