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The social, cultural and traditional norms, practices and attitudes of any given society are those attributes of society, often very deeply rooted, that are collectively viewed as accepted and acceptable, and which therefore compel and guide individual thought and behavior. Our chiefdom has rich social, cultural and traditional tenets and belief systems that guide the way the chiefdom and its people function. We believe in the importance of maintaining the chiefdom’s rich traditions and culture, even as we strive to develop. In fact, many of us are living examples of the value our cultures and traditions have had on our lives: It is this tradition and culture that helped us develop and which molded our attitudes and characters to be productive and useful and have purposeful and progressive lives. Culture is important to social and human development, contributing to identity building and self-esteem, fostering economic growth and social cohesion and helping promote political participation and ownership. Culture also changes over time, and not all our cultural values are useful today or as beneficial to the people as they were years ago. However, we strongly believe that this should not be an excuse to discard all our cultural practices in favor of modernity; there are other cultural beliefs and practices that are good and we will strive to maintain them. Those practices that are bad and promote HIV infections shall be discarded.


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