Our poor developmental situation has now forced my people and I to look inward within ourselves and search for alternative ways to uplift our living standards. In Lunda we say “Chiteula nvumbi cha ambang’a mweni mutu”, meaning “he who feels the pain opens the door”. It is us in the chiefdom who feel the pain of inadequate development and the pain of poverty, and hence it is us who now take the first step to seek development; the first step towards improving our living standards.


We have for a long time longed for initiatives that would enable our chiefdom to control our developmental agenda and propel us to development. I must say it was difficult, particularly in the absence of a written strategic plan, for our chiefdom to pursue sustainable development and realize the desired decent life for the people of Chibwika.


Sometimes in life you begin a journey because someone points you in the right direction. I am so grateful to the office of the Vice President through the former Vice President, His Honor, Dr Guy Scott, for facilitating the linkages to our technical support partner, the PEPFAR/USAID-funded SHARe II project, which supported to us and guided us in the development of this strategic plan. My chiefdom is grateful; I am grateful.

Chibwika Chiefdom is one of the most rural chiefdoms in Zambia that have not seen any meaningful development since independence 51 years ago. The people of Chibwika Chiefdom have for so long desired for development to come their way but to no avail. Driving through the chiefdom one can visibly see the signs and effects of poverty and underdevelopment on my people in spite of the fact that we have tried to attract development through the political leaders we elect into government.

Chief Chibwika


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